Penny Dreadful

Spooky Wedding Venues in Wvery U.S State

Many people suffer the fear of making commitment. Some however after getting over the fear of commitment want a scare as they jump the broom. Not to worry, they are venues for such people. The US is packed positively with wedding venues spiced with a little haunted magic.

Southeast Lighthouse

Southeast LighthouseThe Southeast Lighthouse is one such renowned area. It is located in Rhode Island, block island. What qualifies for this list is the fact that there is a spooky spirit which tend to harass male visitors because stories are told of man killing his wife over there by pushing her down the stairs in the 1900’s. The light house has a view that has been described as stunning given that you see the Atlantic Ocean. The photo session will be an incredible one.

Hawthorne Hotel

Hawthorne HotelNext on the list is the Hawthorne Hotel. It is located in the center of the town of Massachusetts. It can hold up to 200 guests at a given time. The spook factor comes in where this center features as the former capital famous for witch-hunting. Moreover those who have been guests at room 325 record feeling invisible hands all over them.

Litchfield Inn

Litchfield InnThe Litchfield Inn is a colonial style rustic. Located in Connecticut countryside, it hosts up to 200 guests and full service weddings as well. It is said that an elderly woman ghost who is native American, awaits people in their rooms.

Lucerne Inn

Lucerne Inn is situated in Bangor, Maine. The house is colonial in style with space enough to accommodate a mid-sized wedding. Included in the package is a non haunted gazebo fro the ceremonies. Story goes that the owner of the inn murdered his lover and wife inside its walls in the 1800’s. Supposedly their spirits hover the whole interior of the inn.

Omni Mount Washington Resort

Omni Mount Washington ResortOmni Mount Washington Resort is a resort that is located in the mountainside location. Joseph Stickney in 1902 built a home originally. His widow Carolyn, haunts the house. Paranormal activities have been investigated by ghost hunters twice. Room 314, once her private chambers have recorded tales of the fire place turning itself on and off as well as toys disappearing.

The White House Inn

The White House Inn offers outdoor and indoor options. It is usually for couples that want to experience a bucolic and haunted affair. This property is elegant and great for weddings. It can accommodate up to 300 guests. The former mistress, Mrs Brown, enjoys to torment visitors by speaking to people, making doors slam just to mention but a few.

Berkeley Springs Castle

Berkeley Springs CastleBerkeley Springs Castle stands on the side of the mountain. It is located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The large ballroom an arched bridge over a waterfall, and an elegant staircase bring out an elegant wedding. Colonel Samuel Taylor Suite built it between the years 1885 and 1891. The castle is haunted by his wife and 7-year old girl.

Belmont Hall

Belmont HallBelmont Hall is located in Delaware. Smaller weddings can be planned by couples and they can get married inside the haunted home. The ghostliness is owed to the guard shot during the American revolution. In Maryland there is the Kitty Knight house in Georgetown. It accommodates up to 320 guests. It is haunted by Kitty Knight.

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