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Creepiest Horror Movies

When it comes to scaring people, horror movies are at the top of list. The fact that they prey on people’s psychology creates fear on people. They send chills down ones spine. There are people who are unperturbed by horror movies. For them they are a favourite. Among the creepiest horror are the ones listed below.

The Exorcist

the exorcistJust from the name one can gauge that it is indeed horror. Since its release in1973 it has terrified generations down the line. It falls under the category of classic horror movies. The revolving heads scene and the scenes where the innocent kid is possessed. Expect nothing but scary feelings from this horror flick. From the terrifying novel ‘’the exorcist’’ by William Peter Blatty, it has been spawned to five movies in total but none comes close to the original.



poltergeistAnother classic horror movie is the poltergeist. It was released in the year 1982. The completely faceless evil on emphasizes more on the fear factor. The strange occurences taking place in the town and the real time deaths that occured scared the fans.

The Blair witch project

The Blair witch projectThe Blair witch project was released in 1999. It had audiences thronging into the movie theatres to find out what the fuss with the movie was all about. The scare plays out in the eyes and the voices of the characters and in turn the same shows in the audiences. It reflects in them and creates the element of fear which is an important ingredient of a horror movie. It was one of the cleverest marketing strategies and indeed it worked so well.


A nightmare on Elm Street

A nightmare on Elm StreetA nightmare on Elm Street was another creepy movie that was released in 1984. Ayoung Johnny Depp was starring. Once you watch it you may have a hard falling asleep. What could scare one more than a deformed faced monster that comes to one at night. Since its release it has continued to terrify audiences of all ages out of their wits.

The sixth sense

the six senseThe sixth sense is yet another creepy movie. Released in 1999, it is about that sense that not all can possess. It features a child that sees dead people. For a hard core horror movie fan, this may not be so scary but features high on the list. It is highly recommended that while watching this movie get a friend, popcorns aside you will be guaranteed to be freaked out.



HellraiserHellraiser has a name that suggests raising hell. It spins about the story of a skinless character that was raised from the dead by accident. She lures men then murders them. It has been adapted from the novel ‘’The Hellbound Heart’’. Nine other movies have been recreated from the same movie.

The shining

The shiningThe shining is another movie. It is of the creepy and horror calibre. The main character goes crazy and turns crazy. He then goes on a rampage. He chases after his family tthrough a hotel that is haunted and tries to kill them. It has a chilling series of events that will make you disturbed and fearful at the same time.

There are more horror movies but these are the creepiest of all time.

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