Penny Dreadful


Penny Dreadful is an American horror film that was made in 2006. It is centered around a young girl with a fear of cars who is taken prisoner by a manic hitchhiker.

Rachel Miner – Penny Deerborn

Rachel MinerThe leading role of Penny is played by Rachel Miner. Her first starring role in a TV show came in the early 1990s when she starred as Michelle Bauer. As well as acting on TV she has also starred in a number of films such as Bully and The Black Dahlia. In recent years she has been best known for her roles in Californication and Supernatural. She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and continues to act, although she no longer takes on parts that are very physically demanding.


Mimi Rogers – Orianna Volkes

Mimi RogersMimi Rogers plays the role of Orianna, Penny’s therapist who accompanies her on the road trip. She has been acting since the 1980s and was married to Tom Cruise for a short time. Her family had practiced Scientology when she was growing up and it was her who introduced the religion to Cruise. She received critical acclaim for her role in the film The Rapture. She has also had recurring roles on a number of TV shows including the X Files, Two And A Half Men and Mad Men.

Michael Berryman – Gas Station Attendant

Michael BerrymanMichael Berryman has spent his whole acting career starring in horror movies. He was born with a condition called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia which means that he has no hair, teeth or fingernails. This gives him an unusual appearance which he has used to his advantage throughout his career. He has appeared in iconic horror films such as Below Zero and The Hills Have Eyes. He has also starred in TV shows such as The X Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Mickey Jones – Eddie

Mickey JonesMickey Jones had a successful career as a drummer before he started acting in the mid 1970s. While he was a drummer he played along artists such as Bob Dylan and Kenny Rogers. He was working with Bob Dylan when Dylan was involved in a car accident and this is one of the main reasons why he choose to become an actor. He has appeared in films and TV shows and had a long term role in the TV series Justified. Other TV credits include The Incredible Hulk, Baywatch, Boy Meets World and Entourage.

Casey Sander – Truck Driver

Casey SanderCasey Sander plays the truck driver who runs over the hitchhiker at the end of the movie. He is better known for his TV roles than for acting in movies. He has starred in a number of popular TV series such as Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Big Bang Theory. He worked a wide range of other jobs before coming an actor and worked in roles such as a bartender, car dealer and working as a ship hand. He is also known for being the ‘Winston Man’ who appeared in the Winston Cigarettes printed advertising campaign.