Penny Dreadful

Haunted Wedding Venues in the World

Few people would dream of hosting their wedding at a cursed place-leave alone the haunted one, but we have others who do. Below are some of the spooky wedding destinations in the world.

The Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel

This hotel is very famous when it comes to hosting weddings. It has been doing this for nearly one hundred and twenty five years. It is said that a construction worker fell and died while working on this particular hotel at the time it was being built. The worker landed in the room named number 218 as of now, and in this particular room the toilet flushes by itself, and once everyone is asleep then you will start hearing the footsteps of someone walking.

The Queen Mary

The Queen MaryThe Queen Mary is a permanently docked ship where some people prefer hosting there weddings there. You can also host your wedding on this cruise ship if you won’t mind the company of some uninvited guests. The ghost of 2 crew men and 3 travellers are said to roam in this cruise ship. One of the travellers was crushed in the automatic door of this cruise ship. These ghosts always haunt the decks of this cruise ship.

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley HotelThis hotel is haunted by its original owner, F.O Stanley, and her wife, Flora. In most instances you will hear the sound of a pianos music coming from the hotels music room, and it is normally assumed that whoever is playing the piano is Stanley himself. Her wife is also spotted often in the lobby and billiards room.

The Hannah House

The Hannah HouseThere was a time a news crew team filmed a chandelier who was swinging unprovoked in this particular wedding destination. There have been a lot of many mysterious happenings on this property-maybe the spirits of the many runaway slaves who died in the fire while escaping to freedom.

The Kewaunee Inn

The Kewaunee InnThis is another mysterious wedding venue. Children who go to visit this place are usually seen playing with unknown little boy, the mysterious boy is said to be the ghost of Billy, a five year old boy who died in this particular venue more than one hundred years ago. The grandfather to Billy and who is the original hotel owner, and Agatha, together with a long dead housekeeper, are believed to haunt this hotel.

The Belcourt Castle

The Belcourt CastleJust before you decide to book your wedding venue to be here, you might be interested in taking the ghosts of the Belcourt Castle Tour, of which the spirits are often seen during this time, more especially in Gothic Ballroom. Apart from the ghosts, this chateau is also a home to some haunted things such as; furniture, a mirror that does not show the reflection of people, a screaming suit of an armor, and also a statue which is said to be possessed.

The Lodge Resort

The Lodge ResortThis is also a mysterious wedding venue that is mostly haunted by the ghost of a murdered chambermaid by name Rebecca; this ghost will often be spotted flitting through the halls of this particular hotel. When this ghost is awake, you will experience the fireplace spontaneously lighting and lights flickering off and on. The hotel says that Rebecca is such a friendly ghost who has never threatened the hotel guests or staff.

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